Top 3 Job Searching Tips

January 14th 2015 in Searching

Congratulations!  You’ve decided this is your year.  This is the year you’re going to find a new job and make some positive changes. That’s great but where do you begin?  We have a few tips that will help you get started.

1.  Know why you’re making a change. What you probably know now is that you want to change jobs but stop and ask yourself why.  What is it about your current job that you don’t like? What would make your current job better? Is leaving the only option or could you look for a different position within your current company?  Before you dive head first into your job search, ask yourself these questions.  Perhaps, you’re family’s expanding and you need better hours or more money.  Perhaps you’re just bored with your work and you need a challenge.  Perhaps you just can’t work with your coworkers or crazy boss any longer.  Whatever the reason, you’ll choose a better future employer when you understand why you’re looking in the first place.

2.  Know where you’re headed.  One of my former bosses always said “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can get you there.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  So ask yourself what you want to be doing and where you want to be doing it. Is it just time for a job change or is it time for a change in scenery as well as your job? Give some prayer/meditation/deep thought to how you want to spend 40+ hours each week of your life and head in that direction.  If the goal seems too big to conquer all at once than break it into small steps and build toward that goal.  No matter how crazy the goal may seem, if you believe it’s right for you make the next job change worthwhile by reaching toward that goal.

3.  Be prepared.  Ever notice how things tend to come to you when you focus on them often?  The same is true when you start focusing on a new job.  As you begin to consider a new position, new opportunities will begin to appear.  This means you need to be prepared with a well written resume, a solid understanding of how to interview, references, and a great interview outfit.  Start lining these things up so you can open the door when opportunity knocks.

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