October 26th 2022 in Coaching, Fun at Work, Jason, Learning and Development, Motivation

What price do you put on fun in your job or for your team?

Food for thought, when it comes from a masterful culinary expert like Ina Garten, is extra delicious.

At age 50, Ina Garten decided it was time for a change. Her catering business and food shop “The Barefoot Contessa” were both massive successes and Ina, from anyone else’s point of view, was passionate about what she was doing.

Except she wasn’t having fun anymore.

So, she “quit”

Not quit in the “give it up” sense but in the positive way that fuels even greater success. She took a massive leap into the unknow and wrote a new recipe for her happiness. The rest is history and is a masterpiece of personal and career rebranding that has no sign of stopping 20+ years later. Her trip to legendary status is all but assured.

All because she put a price on fun. That price was “worth it enough to risk doing something new”

If you’re not having fun at work, you’re not alone.
You might even see it as a badge of honor to believe and embody the “work is work and fun is fun – the two don’t overlap” ethic.
Bosses love to stamp out fun wherever they find it.

Good managers, leaders, and professionals who want to go beyond productive to thriving need to find that sweet spot between work and play. Because fun at work is not an option anymore.

Nurture fun in your work and your team. If you need help, then turn to learning professionals who can help you create development plans to make a culture of winning that is also a culture of play.

You’ll thank yourself for the investment and, when you do it right, say to yourself “How easy was that?”



Ina Garten if you're not having fun what's the point

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