The Future of Leadership Development

January 17th 2024 in Jason, Learning and Development, Strengths

Leadership as a skillset isn’t distributed evenly throughout the human family. Some are ‘born’ to lead and eagerly take charge, some would instead go along with the flow, and some will lead when they have to.

Since it is a skill, it can be taught to anyone, regardless of role. However, not everyone will enjoy learning it or will gain from the lesson. There is a field of leadership studies that can be taught to everyone, and they see an immediate return on attention. It pays off for the individual and the group by propelling learners to new levels of personal and professional achievement by teaching them how to overcome challenges strategically. That field of leadership studies is self-leadership.

Self-leadership is the compass guiding us through the ever-changing currents of life and work. By focusing on understanding our strengths, setting goals, and taking responsibility for our own growth, we learn to take charge of our actions, decisions, and motivations, creating a foundation for success. This isn’t a solo journey through Self-Help Land. Instead, mastering the skill of self-leadership becomes the cornerstone of effective leadership of others. Because it resonates with authenticity, it inspires those around us, which makes us leaders through our example.

As we look at the challenges of today, both socially and in the workplace, we quickly perceive a lack of proper leadership and understand that in its absence, things rapidly deteriorate. Embracing self-leadership is no longer an optional nicety. It is a cultural imperative to build human systems where people not only do better but also want to do better and help others do the same.

The future of leadership is self-led – are you ready to lead the way?

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