How does coaching work?

Search/Networking Coaching $175


85% of all jobs are secured through networking but leveraging your network is not easy in the job search process. We teach you how to turn your efforts into results by identifying your network and leveraging it to succeed.


√ 60-minute customized session

√ Customized search strategy

√ How to identify your network

√ How to build your network

√ How to ask for help

√ How/When to follow up

Interview Coaching $175

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A good resume might open the door but what gets you the job is often what you say in the interview. A hybrid approach of training and coaching, our interview prep process can give you the edge you need.


√ 60-minute customized session

√ How to answer tough questions

√ Questions to ask the interviewer

√ How to close the interview

√ How/when to follow up

√ Mock interviewing if needed

Negotiation Coaching $175

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Negotiating compensation can be the toughest part of the interview. We help you identify what’s important to you and how to ask for what you want. We’re on your side and will help you negotiate the best offer possible.


√ 60-minute customized session

√ Determine your automatic YES and NO

√ Analysis of any current offers

√ How to ask for what you want

√ How to negotiate counter offers

√ Salary calculations + industry averages

Monthly Career Coaching


Deciding to make a career change is a pivotal moment that impacts the rest of your life.  Don’t do it alone.  We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing ongoing support in searching, networking, interviewing, and negotiation.


√ Up to 3 hours of 1:1 coaching via Zoom per month.

√ Ongoing support via text and email

√ Search, networking, interview, and negotiation coaching targeted to your needs

√ Resume/LinkedIn guidance

New Job 90-Day Coaching


Congratulations!  You’ve landed your next big career move.  Whether it’s a promotion or an entirely new job, making the most of the first 90-days is critical.  We’ll be with you every step of the way. From making a good first impression to engaging with your new team and managing office politics, we’re here to guide you.


√ Monthly customized coaching sessions via Zoom

√ Ongoing support via text and email

√ Assistance updating your resume + LinkedIn

√ Crafting the new job announcement for social media

√ Leveraging LinkedIn in your new role.

Coaching + Assessment


Sometimes the hardest questions to answer are “What is my Purpose?”, “What do I want to do?”, “What is the way to get from where I am to where I need to be?” Leveraging your strengths can help you discover the answers to these dilemmas. We use the CliftonStrengths by Gallup assessment to uncover your innate talents and teach you how to turn them into strengths.


√ 60-minute customized session

√ Review of your unique talent DNA

√ How to turn talents into strengths

√ Applying strengths in your career

√ Leading with strengths

All sales are final. Circle City Coaching, a Merrfeld Company reserves the right to cancel without refund any projects clients have not responded to within 90 days.
If you cannot attend a coaching session, please reschedule a minimum of one business day in advance. “No-shows” will have their session canceled without a refund.


“I highly recommend Circle City Coaching for professional career coaching if you’re looking for a new career. They are great at helping individuals define their accomplishments that match the positions they are seeking. With their help, I have received interviews and gained positions with great companies. I could not be happier with my career progression and Circle City’s services and expertise has assisted me in receiving great opportunities!” 

– Marketing Manager

If you need a resume or any assistance in your job search, I cannot recommend Circle City Coaching highly enough. They made me look at my career in an entirely different light and see accomplishments that I would have glossed over. They took time to really know me and know my goals. I got a fantastic resume out of the deal but that was the least of what I received. They gave me the confidence to search for a job in a completely new field and provided me a new lens to view my job search and I ended up in my dream job. Had I not worked with them, I would not have even applied for it. 

-Fund Development Executive