Michelle Merritt - Co-Founder & Trainer

Greater than your desire to win should be your desire to prepare to win.

Trainer, coach, speaker, and writer, Michelle Merritt, guides leaders and teams in identifying their unique strengths and talents to meet their goals. She is also a talented resume writer and career coach, guiding leaders through the job search, interview, and salary negotiation process.

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Michelle’s favorite roles at Circle City are as trainer and coach, guiding individuals and teams through a variety of topics.  Her topics range from leadership development to building a coaching culture and how to say no effectively.

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Fix what’s right with you. Balance doesn’t mean equal.

Problems without proposed solutions are complaints – nobody wants to hear you complain.

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Reinvent Relevance Podcast

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Michelle Merritt is an executive coach, leadership trainer, and entrepreneur who leverages her 20+ years of experience in corporate recruiting and human resource management to guide professionals and teams in crafting their strategic brands and professional development strategies.

Often called “the corporate cheerleader,” Michelle proudly embraces this title as she revolutionizes the business community with her unique brand of pragmatic positivity and direct communication. She leverages her proven business acumen and demonstrated loyalty to her clients to foster professional confidence in individual clients and to create organizational cultures centered on active listening and a strengths-centered approach to professionalism.

Michelle founded Circle City Coaching in 2012 with the motto “Fix what’s right with you” to signify a dedication to helping others embrace their unique talents and confidently invest in their development to build professional and personal success.