Jason Mutzfeld, MSEd

When we aren’t focused on learning, we fall victim to humankind’s oldest and greatest enemy: Stupidity.
Haven’t we all had just about enough of that though?

Coach and author, Jason Mutzfeld, helps leaders and teams create learning cultures centered around the ethos of coaching to make work a place where everybody can celebrate their unique talents and strengths.

Find Work Worth Doing takes you on the journey to create meaningful work that meets your unique talents and strengths. It is the modern career strategy guide for anyone looking to grow, change, or reinvent their work by covering every aspect of a job seeker’s needs from the foundations of career management, crafting a personalized vision of success, through the technical details of a job search. Working through the activities and tips on writing a resume, searching for job openings, and preparing for an interview gives readers the edge in the modern job market. By recognizing each person’s unique definition of success, it helps you build your plan for fulfillment and job satisfaction.

Go beyond simply earning a paycheck to find work that excites you and makes you want to get up each day with a sense of mission and purpose.

Get good at what you’re good at.  Focus to get better at it. Always work on putting it to good use. Make work something worth doing.

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Jason Mutzfeld is the Co-Founder and Chief Career Coach at Merrfeld Career Management. A certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach, he builds on a long career in education and technology training. Jason believes that finding the truth inside each person will foster the courage and passion that drive growth. He holds a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology from Purdue University as well as training from The Second City and Disney Institute.

Jason’s humor and kindness guide his coaching practice, helping the individuals and teams he coaches find motivation, fulfillment, and success. A proud father and husband, Jason is passionate about creating a world where his son and future grandchildren have an opportunity to live their best life while making work worth doing.