Michelle Merritt - Founder and Executive Partner

Michelle Merritt is a business leader and career coach who guides professionals through the job search process, from resume creation to offer negotiation. After a 20+ year career in recruiting and corporate communications, she founded Merrfeld Career Management (now Circle City Coaching) in 2012 to serve clients throughout the US and beyond. Known as a ‘corporate cheerleader’, she embraces her unique blend of positivity and a direct communication style to teach others how to build strong networks and develop their strengths.

Top 5 Strengths:

Positivity, Communication, Connectedness, Arranger, Relator

Jason Mutzfeld

Jason Mutzfeld - Director of Coaching & Training

Jason Mutzfeld is a learning designer and trainer dedicated to the idea that meaningful work and a sense of humor make life better. Building on an eclectic professional background, he focuses on helping people and teams craft smart strategies built on human-centered principles.  He is the Director of Coaching at Circle City Coaching, author of ‘Find Work Worth Doing: The Handbook For Creating A Meaningful Career’, a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and holds a Masters in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University.

Top 5 Strengths:

Ideation, Strategic, Input, Empathy, Adaptability