Stop putting off your job search

September 7th 2022 in Coaching, Humor, Jason, Job Search

Is your job search lagging?
Are you putting off your search?
Dreading updating your resume?

Then let me tell you about my scheduling my first colonoscopy…

No serious, here me out on this one.
Why do I make the comparison?
Because looking for a new job is sometimes about as much fun as scheduling an invasive exam.

So, I was dragging my feet on calling the clinic to get this little rite of passage (no pun there) that comes around when you turn fifty.
For the record, I turned fifty last year. That’s how long I’d put it off.

Was I scared? Nope. Not all
Why did I take so long, then?
I just wasn’t motivated to be honest.
Marginally interested but not motivated.

Motivations are funny things. They’re essentially emotional. If you do NOT want to do something, or like me, you knew you should care but just were “busy,” you will not be motivated.

Don’t follow me? Try to get a 5-year-old child to do anything they don’t want to. Now understand that a 50-year-old grown-up is still essentially a 5-year-old, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. We’re all children with driver’s licenses and contractual obligations deep down.

But I finally summon up the give-a-damn to call the clinic. I scheduled it, set up payment, ordered the prep meds (pills now, not liquid- who knew?), and downloaded all the dietary instructions for review. I even got an HSA cash-pay discount.

How did all that feel?

Seriously, there is just something so incredible about doing the adult and proper thing sometimes.

So if you’re still dragging your feet on that job search or resume update.
Schedule it.
Follow through.
Just DO it.

You might just get that particular high from a job well done.
You darn sure are not going to get a new job or promotion with it.

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