What can make your job search easier?

July 28th 2022 in Jason, Job Search

Q: Why doesn’t your resume or LinkedIn profile get you a job?
A; Because companies don’t hire resumes or profiles, they hire people.

That said, a great resume and profile is one of the most essential items in the job seeker’s toolkit and makes the process oh so much easier.

A lousy resume is, likewise, a huge roadblock that you always want to avoid.

So, what do you have to do if you want this great tool to make your search easier? Start by knowing that your resume is more than a summary of history and skills. A good resume tells a story about a person so that the reader wants to learn more about them, ideally in an interview or connection request. Networking is the art of being memorable after you get attention. Boring data does not do that. You must get them not just to see value and professionalism but also want to learn more about you.

Now you might say, “No way! Get to the bottom line and sell them hard skills and degrees- that’s how to network and get hired!!”

It’s a fact that people do business with, and hire people, they like. Just ask yourself this, if the kind of person you are didn’t matter, would you rather be:
Justin Bieber over Dolly Parton?
Dolores Umbridge over Hagrid?
Jar Jar Binks over Baby Yoda?

If you answered ‘no’ to all of those, here’s a way to approach your boring resume that might make you see it in a new and better way:
Treat your resume like a package of cookies.

I doubt you’ve ever bought a package of cookies based on the RDA of folic acid or percentage of riboflavin. No, you bought cookies because you like the taste, and you purchased specific cookies because of either knew they tasted good or something on the box made you take a chance.

To attract more attention, seek to replace the boring and safe in your resume and profile with a little more (honest) showmanship and (truthful) attractive packaging.

Bonus: Once you get to the point your resume and LI profile show you in the best light, you’ll feel more confident.

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