The mistake of of ‘marketable skills’

July 26th 2022 in Coaching, Jason, Job Search

Having ‘marketable skills’ matters in the job search, but what matters most is being able to market your skills.

Case in point: I recently stumbled on a company website that impressed me. The problem is it was a wrong impression.

They stated directly that their product was good and talked about features. It was lackluster, dull, and dry. What they did not do was convince me why the service they provided should matter to me.

Look, I’m not saying every business has to market a certain way. But job seekers must go beyond features and try to make a human-to-human connection that creates a memorable, emotional impact. It is always best to make a case of why you’re more than your last job title and not just rely on ‘marketable skills’ to magically draw attention and prove your worth.

Marketing yourself to potential employers is not easy to do. Getting professional help at every level can be the difference between sending dull resumes into the HR void and being seen by the right people who are looking for what you’re offering.

To avoid being boring, keep these things in mind:

  • Your ‘brand’ as a job seeker is your reputation
  • Know who you’re “selling” to; they’re your audience
  • Find the best ways to get good attention
  • Study up on how to negotiate and close a deal
  • Prove your value, don’t just state it
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help- you are more likely to succeed if you do

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