The myth of “jobs are easy to get”

June 13th 2022 in Coaching, Job Search, Michelle, Searching

“Everyone’s hiring.”

“You can find a job anywhere.”

“Jobs are easy to come by.”

So why is it taking so long for you to find a job?

Because not all jobs are created equal.

It is true that several industries have immediate openings, especially service-related roles, including retail, food service, hospitality, and senior care. What’s also true is that leadership positions and senior-level technical roles are often taking 4-6 months to fill. There will still be a large number of interviews and hoops to jump through with many qualified candidates being considered.

So get ready for a journey with many ups and downs and some formidable competition.

Start by:

+ Professionally updating your resume

+ Activating your network

+ Brushing up on your interview skills

+ Pursuing multiple opportunities at one time

+ Knowing the value of your current compensation

+ Know your desired compensation

Buckle up buttercup, an exciting new future awaits.

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