6 Tips for Job Searching in 2022

February 1st 2022 in Coaching, Interviewing, Job Search, LinkedIn, Michelle, Networking, Resumes, Searching

Looking for a new job in 2022?

Our top tips for a great job search in 2022:

  1. Know what you’re looking for.  Be able to clearly communicate what you’re looking for in a new role.

  2. Be flexible.  Don’t get so stuck on a job title, company, or function that you miss out on new opportunities.

  3. Activate your network.  According to LinkedIn, 85% of jobs are found through people we know.  That means my greatest ROI comes from my network, not scanning the web for a job.

  4. Have a resume ready that highlights what you’ve accomplished, what sets you apart, and who you are as a leader.

  5. Be prepared to interview at a moment’s notice.

  6. Know what your ideal compensation package looks like, what it includes, and how to ask for it.

2022 can be your year to build the next step in your career but you have to be prepared.

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