4 Careers Speedbumps You Can Learn to Avoid

August 19th 2021 in Jason

4 Careers Speedbumps You Can Learn to Avoid

Introduction: Why you need to control career direction

“Career” has two definitions.

A career is path of progress you take, moving from job to job, learning new skills along the way. This is the most common use of the word in modern language. Career comes from the Latin for a wheeled cart, indicating movement or a path the cart followed. When you talk about a career, as we talk about it today, we use it as shorthand for your job.

Long before it had anything to do with work, it meant horses. Specifically charging wildly forward as in a joust. Another definition of career is to veer wildly and at high speed towards a crash.

So, in some cases, you could still use that definition to talk about your job.

Career management is something they don’t often teach you in school. It is either just a skill you pick up along your career journey, or it’s something you purposefully try to learn. Learning how to manage your career pays off in the long term because it gives you the tools you need to avoid potential bumps in the road. The faster your career is rushing, the more important it is to dodge those obstacles to prevent your career from careering off the road.

We will review four common ‘speedbumps’ to watch for in your own career over the next few posts.



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