Ready, set, present! Power of confident presentation for career seekers with Kyle Murtagh

January 13th 2021 in Podcast, Video

Reinvent Relevance Podcast – Getting your career ready for 2021

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What does it take to show confidence in a job? Get ready, get set, present! Have you ever tried to connect with a person but you just couldn’t seem to get them to understand what you were trying to say? We all have!

In the job search, how you present your reputation and qualifications in an interview are critical factors in who advances, who gets cut, and who ultimately wins the offer.

Tune in as we chat with Kyle Murtagh of Confidence by Design to discuss the power of presentation and learn some useful tips to keep in in the game.

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Watch Episode 8 here:

Life is too short to waste on a job that sucks. Follow your strengths to a better career.

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