Imagine the Possibilities: Unleashing creativity in your career with Dan Nestle

December 9th 2020 in Podcast, Video

Reinvent Relevance Podcast – Imagine the Possibilities: Unleashing creativity in your career

Listen to Season 2 / Episode 6 here:

Do you envy “creative people”?
Guess what?
YOU are a creative person… even if you don’t know it.

Our guest this week is Dan Nestle, creativity coach. Learn about his sideline that led him to tap into the power of creativity and how you can leverage your inner abilities to find the work you enjoy.

If you want to get more creative in your job, there is a way if you just give yourself permission!

To find out more about Creativity Coaching and how it impacts you, be sure to check out the Dan Nestle Show where you listen to podcasts

Watch Episode 5 here:


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