Career Misconception #4

December 3rd 2020 in Video, Work Worth Doing

Say it loud for people in the back: Individual results and impact are more important than just hard skills!

Is 2021 the year we finally acknowledge that HOW you work is as important as what you DO?

We’ve all know people really good at some of the duties of their job but that suck at everything else. It’s not their fault – society teaches us that only hard skills and knowledge matter. B-schools teach that workers are just widgets. The bottom line is the only metric that matters. That has to change!

Your work ethic is your greatest asset but it’s hard to measure and quantify – but you know it and have to show it. Make people hear your principles by seeing how you show up at work.

Your #professionalism is what we need in 2021 and that means being a better human, not just a better worker drone. Take time this holiday season to think about how your better self can show up.

We’re all in this together, that much is clear. So don’t settle for just doing a ‘meh’ job- find work worth doing


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