Career Misconception # 2 “You should LOVE your job”

November 25th 2020 in Uncategorized, Video

Ready to tackle another career misconception that might be holding you back in your job search?

Misconception # 2 “You should LOVE your job”

It’s Rubbish.

Work is always going to be just that- work. That means that sometimes (not always) it’s going to suck. It might be even bad enough to make you leave it.

The dark side of this misconception is what irks me and it’s this. Jobs end. People get downsized. We get too expensive for new management.

So if you love a job so much that it’s part of who you are, if it gets taken away from you against your will, then who are you?

Love is too valuable to give away to a mere job. Save it for real people.

As the old song says “hold on loosely” and embrace a better idea.

The better idea is:

“Enjoy your work”

Be grateful that you get to do something you like. Enjoy it for as long as you can. Be ready to move on if you don’t enjoy it and you can afford to do so.

Life is too short for a job that bites.

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