Career Misconception #3 “Job Hunting Should Be Easy”

November 25th 2020 in Video

Let’s tackle another workplace misconception that impacts just about everybody who’s ever looked for a job.

Misconception # 3 “Job hunting should be easy”

Why does this confuse so many of us?
Simply put- because we want it to be true. (honestly, who wouldn’t?)

If you study human cognitive biases you’ll come across the Optimism Bias. We tend to overestimate ourselves and underestimate the challenges we will face on the way to accomplishing our goals.

To compensate for this blindspot you can seek outside assistance. However, not everyone reaches out to a career professional because we might think we have to do it all alone. But this is absolutely not true.

You don’t have to fly solo!

You might say “Wait, isn’t it pessimistic to ask for help?” Absolutely not. A good coach is going to help you be optimistic about your job search. Because optimism isn’t optional.

What always we need to remember is that:

A) Job hunting is difficult by design.
B) Nobody knows the future.
C) Doing hard things is good for us.

What hard things did you do the last time you looked for a new job or pivoted into a new field?
How did you stay optimistic about your chances?

Let me know in the comments!

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