Career Misconception #1 “You just need a job”

November 25th 2020 in Video

Here’s a quick-take on Misconception # 1 “You just need a job”.

Is there anything better than

…Being in a job that suits you well?

…Doing the kind of work that makes you feel good about going to work?

…Doing work that builds peace of mind and a sense of purpose?

In ‘Find Work Worth Doing’ I listed my take on the top 10 work misconceptions that hold us back and offered 10 alternatives that will bring us into a better way to approach that part of our lives that makes the others go- our careers.

Now I get it, sometimes a job is a job and you have to make do. We always need to give our jobs meaning, even if it’s ‘just’ a job.

Now re-read those 3 questions at the top of this post and ask yourself:

Do you have that sort of work?

(If you don’t and want to change it- Reach out to us.)

Let me know in the comments what you do to bring meaning to your workday.

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