Higher and Hire Education: Cindy Verduce on Careers and Degrees

November 18th 2020 in Higher Education, Interviewing, Job Search, Podcast, Resumes, Video

Reinvent Relevance Podcast

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Is higher education actually ‘hire’ education? Yes! A degree can open career doors that might otherwise be closed.

But at Merrfeld we coach our clients in an important caveat to that: that your educational history is not your career destiny. Your degree type, or lack of a degree, is what you make of it. Showing your ability to learn matters more than any academic honor.

To clarify, that is not a say that degrees have no value. Far from it! Higher education can give you a critical edge in the job market. In fact, millions of people enroll in college courses every year with that goal in mind. They want to stand out in their careers and learn something valuable while doing it.

What you do with a college education isn’t always as easy a question as it first seems. However, the path forward isn’t always as clear as it seems. This is because the increase in options comes with an increase in stress because there are more choices to pick from. It is confusing! Certainly, for college students, both traditional and adult, we always recommend that in addition to professional coaching services. But they should never overlook a vital resource that is just waiting to help them. That is their campus career center.

Join us as we talk with Cindy Verduce, Director of the Career Center at Indiana Tech. She shares the keys tips that students and graduates need to know about how to start your career journey or manage your career change.

Watch Episode 3 here:

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