Reinvent Relevance Season 2 is here! Check out Episode 1

November 4th 2020 in Podcast, Uncategorized, Video

Reinvent Relevance Season 2 Episode 1: We launched our first book!

Listen to Episode 1 here:


More and more people are reaching out for help in finding work worth doing.

2020 has pushed us to find work with purpose and meaning – work that matches up with our personal mission and values.

Guiding people through this journey is what caused us to write our first book – Find Work Worth Doing: The Handbook for Creating a Meaningful Career

As we open Season Two of the Reinvent Relevance Podcast, we talk about what “work worth doing” actually means & why it’s so important in today’s world of work.

How did you find meaning in your work?
What advice would you give your younger self as you searched?

We kick off another season of our show by talking about one of our newest projects- a guide for anyone looking to improve their career. Tune in as Jason and Michelle discuss why this book needed to be written and what you look forward to as you read it


“Find Work Worth Doing: The Handbook for Creating a Meaningful Career” in the Amazon store (Kindle ebook and paperback)

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