Why You Need a Job Search Strategy

July 6th 2020 in LinkedIn, Michelle, Negotiation, Networking, Resumes, Searching, Video

By choice or by surprise, many of us are suddenly searching for a new job.  Where do you begin?  How do you even start looking?  What tools do you need to get the best results from your search? This is all part of creating a job search strategy.  Think of your job search as a project and create a comprehensive plan to effectively achieve your goals. Have you built a comprehensive strategy? If you’d do it for your employer, why wouldn’t you do it for yourself?

You may be tempted to hop online and just start applying to every job you see.  This ‘shotgun’ approach may keep you busy but is unlikely to give you the greatest ROI.  Instead, design a strategy that yields results.

A job search strategy consists of 7 key elements:

Attainable Goals

Begin with the end in mind.  Know the type of position you hope to find.  Determine locations, target companies, and the job titles you’re most likely to match.  Once you’ve established those goals, remember to be flexible and think outside the box.

Accomplishment Focused Resume

Resumes should highlight what sets you apart, what you’ve accomplished in your career, and who you are as a leader.  Be sure to include quantifiable data/metrics where appropriate. Need help with your resume? Contact us

All-Star LinkedIn Profile (Yes, that’s really a thing)

When was the last time you audited your profile AND activity? Does it attract hiring managers and recruiters? If you’re actively job searching, make sure your LinkedIn profile mirrors your resume.  This will attract recruiters and hiring managers who are actively searching for top talent on LinkedIn. Check out our free No-Nonsense Guide to LinkedIn for Career Seekers

Activated Network

85% of all positions are found through networking.  This makes it vitally important that you identify your network, how they can help you, and the best ways to reach out to them.  Staying engaged and following up with your network is key! Don’t have a network? We’re betting you do.

Social Media Presence (that makes people actually want to know you)

Are you complaining on social media or using it to demonstrate why employers want you on their team? No one wants to hear you complain. Cool it.

Interview Strategy (that’s more strategy than specifics)

Are you practicing your interview skills? Will you be ready when an interviewer wants to meet with you in 20 minutes? Know how to answer the tough questions, what types of questions to ask, and how to stay calm during an interview.  Need help preparing?  We’re here for you.

Salary Negotiation Strategy

Do you know your automatic yes and automatic no numbers? If you don’t know these numbers, you’ll get taken advantage of. Know what you want and what you need and what you’re willing to walk away from.  Be sure there’s someone on your side helping you through this process.


No matter where you are along the journey, we can help.  Reach out to us today.  

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