YES the job search is harder

June 18th 2020 in Interviewing, LinkedIn, Michelle, Networking, Resumes, Searching, Strengths


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“Is it me or is the job search harder?”  This is the question clients are asking us almost every day.  The answer is simply, “Yes, it is harder than it was before.” Even if you experienced the financial setbacks and job losses of 2008 or 2001, it’s harder this time.  Major economic agencies are predicting some jobs may not return at all, calling it the “Great reallocation”.

Why?  There have been many contributing factors in 2020 leading to economic uncertainty including:

A pending impeachment, threats of a world war, a global pandemic and health crisis, and civil unrest that is spilling out from the U.S. to major cities around the world.

What does the future hold?  A season that is known for natural disasters, a major political election, and the potential transition of power.  All of these things individually make our economy shaky, together they make it downright difficult to find a job.

Every one of these is beyond our control.  So how do you look for a job in this mess?

Create & stick to a search strategy but being willing to PIVOT when necessary.  Flexibility is key and can provide opportunities you never would have noticed in a different economy.

Identify strengths you’re can build on & address skill gaps.  Leverage your strengths to repair the weaknesses!

Check your ego & ask for help.  In other words, leverage your network

Have a great resume ready. Nothing is certain these days. Your job is to always be prepared.

Be an expert interviewer. The competition is getting FIERCE. Ask for help, get a good coach, know how to interview like a pro

Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride, but YOU CAN DO THIS! We have faith in you.


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