Yes, Your Job Search is Harder Than It Used to Be

June 15th 2020 in Coaching, Michelle, Video


Warning-tough topic today.

YES the job search is harder than before. Major economic reports are suggesting many jobs may not return at all. What does that mean for your job search? It means:

Creating & sticking to a search strategy but being willing to PIVOT when necessary

✅Identifying strengths you’re can build on & learning what you need to address skill gaps

✅Checking your ego & asking for help. AKA leveraging your network

✅Having a good resume ready. Nothing is certain these days. Your job is to always be prepared

✅Be an expert interviewer. The competition is getting FIERCE. Ask for help, get a good coach, know how to interview like a pro

Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride but YOU CAN DO THIS! I have faith in you.

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