Six Ways to Use Facebook in Your Job Search

June 2nd 2020 in Michelle, Searching
Photo by Tim Bennett on UnsplashFacebook may be the place your parents and grandparents go to share baby photos and fight over politics, but it can also be a great place to look for a job.  Here are our top tips for making Facebook a part of your search strategy.

Follow companies and recruiters you’re interested in.

Follow the pages of companies, leaders, and recruiters you’re interested in working with & keep an eye out for job postings.  Small to medium size companies will often use their social media networks to attract talent so don’t just follow the big guys.

Engage with those you’re interested in

In addition to following their pages and reviewing job postings, be sure to engage with their posts.  Comment, like, and share things that are important to your industry or vertical.

Share that you’re looking

If you’re actively looking and aren’t keeping your search private, post a status letting your friends know you’re looking.  Keep it simple, avoid sharing any drama, and share what type of position you’re looking for (or that you’re open to all opportunities).  This is a great way to learn about the opportunities within your network.

Check out Facebook Jobs:

While not as robust as LinkedIn or Indeed, Facebook does offer a Jobs section that may be worth keeping an eye on. From the app, click on “Jobs” from the menu button. Enter your search criteria and like magic, you have matching jobs in your area.  You can now apply to many positions using Facebook’s messenger service.

Connect with others in a local jobs group.

Simply add your location, industry, or vertical and jobs to the search bar.  This will pull up any Facebook groups that share openings and opportunities.  This can be a great way to network with others!

Clean up your Facebook Page

Nothing online is ever as private as you think it is.  If you’re using Facebook to find a job, you’re inviting employers to view your profile.  Make sure your profile and banner photos are professional and keep your posts appropriate.  Remember – dinner table rules apply.

Social media is a vital part of a strong search strategy.  Need help?  Contact us.



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