How to Engage Recruiters

May 26th 2020 in Michelle, Searching
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For many, recruiters are a mystery.

How do you meet them?

Where do you find them?

How do I know if they’re any good?

How do I get their attention?

Should I rely on a recruiter for a job search?


We utilize our expertise from years of recruiting to guide clients to work with recruiters.  Here are our top tips:

  1. Internal vs. External Recruiters

External recruiters are from an outside firm and are contracted by the employer to find talent that fits an open position.  They are paid a commission based on the salary of the person hired.  Their job is to identify and screen talent for a specific opening.  These positions are most often management, technical, or senior leadership positions.

Internal recruiters work for the employer and source talent for all positions within the company.  They are paid a salary by the employer.   They may engage external recruiters for challenging searches.

  1. Where to find a recruiter

This the most common question we’re asked by job seekers.  Depending on your industry and position, you may receive calls from recruiters who are looking to gauge your interest in a position you have open or learn who in the industry might be a good fit. When a recruiter contacts you, RESPOND.  This is a great way to build a relationship and learn what’s going on in your industry.

If you aren’t getting regular calls from recruiters, turn to LinkedIn to search recruiters in your industry.  Be sure to check their profiles for recommendations and google their name/employer to see what recommendations are out there.

  1. How to know if they’re any good

A good recruiter is a responsive recruiter.  They are proactive and listen to your needs as well as the company’s needs.  They may tell you they don’t have anything for you at the moment but should always be direct yet respectful in their conversations with you.

Always look for recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles and actively search google for experiences others may share.

  1. How to get the attention of the recruiter

Networking is often the best way to get the attention of the recruiter.  Connect with her/him on LinkedIn and find out what their preferred method of communication is.  Be proactive in keeping in touch with recruiters but do not stalk them. It’s the fastest way to find your resume in the “No” pile.

Be sure your resume is up to date and showcases your accomplishments.  This will make the recruiter’s job easier when they compile their list of reasons why you should be interviewed.

  1. Should I rely on a recruiter for a job?

Yes and no. Remember, recruiters are paid by the employer and their goal is to fill the position with the most hirable candidate.  If that’s you, you’ll have their attention.  If not, the good ones will keep in touch but you won’t be hearing from them as often.  So adjust accordingly.


A good recruiter can be a great tool to have in your job search toolbox.  They won’t be the tool you rely on daily, but when you need it, it’s important to have kept the tool in great shape.


Need to connect with good recruiters?  We can help!



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