It’s not my job. Actually, it is your job.

April 30th 2020 in Jason, Uncategorized, Video


Your ‘job’ is to do whatever is needed to drive things forward- for yourself and your team.

One of the changes I want to see in our post-pandemic “Next Normal” is the death of the organizational role.

Not that we can completely do away with it mind you, but we can stop using it as an excuse.

It’s an excuse by employees to say “I just do what I’m told”.
It’s FREQUENTLY an excuse by employers and management to say “Do as you’re told’.

What if going forward we used job functions as a starting point instead of an ending?

If we treated everyone on our team as a partner in the overall success of the mission wouldn’t it stand to reason that we’d see a sharp bump in engagement?

When you find out what people are talented at you can see their ability to contribute in many different ways.

Don’t settle for just being your job description. Want to be more than that- we all deserve a chance to play in the game.

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