In 2025 will you be proud of your 2020 self?

April 27th 2020 in Coaching, Networking, Resumes

In 2025 will you be proud of your 2020 self? Did you wake up every day & do everything you knew how to do to better your career? We’re getting lots of calls from people who are preparing for their “post COVID19” career. Here are the tools to consider when building your strategy

🔍Search Strategy-Have you built a comprehensive strategy? If you’d do it for your employer, why wouldn’t you do it for yourself?

💼 Resume-keep it accomplishment focused to showcase what sets you apart.

‍💻 LinkedIn Profile-When was the last time you audited your profile AND activity? Does it attract hiring managers and recruiters?

🤜🏻 Networking-Are you keeping up with your network? Are you using this time to expand your network?

 Social Media-Are you complaining on social media or using it to demonstrate why employers want you on their team? No one wants to hear you complain. Cool it.

‍💼Interview Strategy-Are you practicing your interview skills? Will you be ready when an interviewer wants to meet with you in 20 minutes?

💸Negotiation Strategy-Do you know your automatic yes and automatic no numbers? If you don’t know these numbers, you’ll get taken advantage of. What else are you doing to prepare your search? Leave it in the comments below.



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