What to Do When Your Industry Goes Away

March 31st 2020 in Video


What to do when your industry goes away?

Travel, Mining, Transportation, Leisure & Hospitality are all industries a recent Brookings report cited as the hardest hit in states including TX, NV, HI, LA, GA, & NJ

So what do you do if you’re in one of these industries or areas?

✅ Take stock of your skills. What are you great at? What other industries can use those skills?

✅ Make a list of what you’ve accomplished so far. Quantify those accomplishments whenever you can. Bonus-This will help you prepare your resume.

✅Stuck? Reach our to your biggest cheerleaders (aka your personal board of directors) & ask them for their input. Bonus-you’ll interact with someone you don’t live with too!

✅ Be flexible & adaptable. You may love your current industry or community but staying put may not be the best answer for you & your loved ones. It’s not ideal, but professionals who have been willing to relocate &/or change industries have more success during difficult economic times.

✅ Get comfortable being uncomfortable. No one is happy with how things are right now. Find opportunities to be vulnerable with those you trust & share your concerns. Vulnerability can benefit our metal health & open us up to new ideas.

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