Meet Gayle Topp, Human Resources Specialist, Core the Resource Store

February 7th 2020 in People Who Inspire Us

Gayle began his career in Accounting before becoming a teacher for 26 years before deciding to transition out of the teaching profession. Thanks to maintaining a strong network, he found the opportunity to join Core first as an employment specialist before becoming a member of the executive leadership team.

The best career advice he received.  “Do not get your master’s degree in teaching.”  He took this advice and pursued his MBA with an emphasis in HR resulting in opportunities in and out of education.

A big concern during his search:  Age discrimination.

How he overcame that concern: Demonstrating the value he could bring to his future employer by sharing his story with his network, making them aware he was searching and being willing to do his best work even in an entry-level job.  He then marketed himself within the new organization to show he could do more.

His advice for job seekers looking to pivot from their industry.  You got to do the resume, but you have to NETWORK. NETWORK. NETWORK.   Create a business card with a statement of what you have to offer, join industry groups, attend events, get in front of people.  You never know what might happen.  Remember that the majority of jobs are found through networking.

What additional advice do you have?  Patience is #1.  It will take longer than you think. When pivoting to a new industry be willing to get your foot in the door even if you have to take an entry-level position.

What he hopes for the future:  He used to think about how quickly he could retire but is now focused on advancing in his current industry and having an impact.

Additional Advice:  Make each cover letter very specific to the position you’re applying to.


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