Finding your Mojo

June 7th 2018 in LinkedIn, Strengths

I was really tired.

Wiped out.


But then I picked up the phone…

*BAM!*– all my energy came flooding back like a quad-venti-mocha-whatever to the brain and I was standing tall like I had a cape on and was ready to be a hero saving the world one downtrodden soul at a time. It was electric!

What happened?

I’d spent a long day at my other calling working in front of a screen but at a quarter till the hour that night, I had a coaching call with a client who needed my help. I reached down into my mental toolkit and lept into action calling upon my magic superpowers (I call it my Mojo) to save the day.

Hold on- Magic superpowers? Mojo? What?

Yes, Superpowers! Not pulling rabbits from hats or flying over buildings but that core of things that each of us does really, really well and that psyches us up into a state where things just click. It feels like magic, so why not call it what it is?

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’ve lost my mojo”. The saddest thing in the world is most people don’t even know they have any mojo to lose!  

Well. that a $3 will get you a cup of coffee…

From a career standpoint, where we spend the bulk of our energy each day, it’s the factor that makes the difference between doing what empowers you and doing what is ‘meh’. Who would you rather work with and for- someone on fire for what they’re doing or a mopey sad sack? People working outside their strengths are often dramatic, cranky, or mean. Bullies work from weakness, high performers work from strength.

I believe that all humans beings are more or less the same to a point. We have a unique Personality DNA that we all share, but everyone has a unique, individual makeup that gives us all a special way to serve others and literally change the world.

Change the world? That’s crazy!

Yep. Name anyone who changed the world who wasn’t called ‘crazy’ at the time they were rushing around altering the fabric of our planet?

So how do you find and activate your mojo? It starts with the place where I think we find most every answer to the questions we have- inside ourselves. It takes courage and help, but you can dig deep inside yourself and find the mojo that rises to the level of super-heroism. Because this isn’t some power from outside, but rather just a realization that we’re much stronger than we imagine and knowing where we’re strong can seem just like magic.

That’s what a coach is supposed to do for you. Help you understand where your strengths are and how to best use them in the world.

It can all change when you’re ready to find out what your strengths are. In a society where we’re constantly told and reminded where we are weakest, it’s a courageous act to show it where you’re strong instead.

It boils down to a choice- to be ‘just’ getting by in a cold world or choose to really live by warming the place up. The world needs more heroes and we’re counting you.

Be courageous and find your mojo.

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