The Power of Positive Criticism

May 22nd 2018 in LinkedIn


“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism” ~ Norman Vincent Peale 


Criticism has a very negative connotation. The phrase “Nobody likes a critic” and the quote about “It’s not the critic who counts…” are forever tied to the idea that critique is unwelcomed, dishonest, and unhelpful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Used in a helpful and positive way critique can be the key element that averts a disaster or makes something good into something great. 

So how do you tell good criticism from bad? A good general rule to follow is “Consider the source”. If the negative words about your performance came from an anonymous source, then it’s probably not of high value. Imagine the world we would live in if social media were populated by people who chose NOT to criticize everyone and everything? 

Instead, try to focus on criticism that comes from a source you regard as valuable. A mentor, a friend, or a coach will give you the honest truth to build you up and not tear you down. That’s the hallmark of positive criticism. It’s a tool to grow, not to cut things down. 

One of our most popular services at Merrfeld is a resume critique. Writing a resume that highlights what you’ve done, what you can do, and tells a story that gets you an interview is by no means an easy thing to do. But for people who have a good resume already and want to make it a great one, a critique can be the multiplier that does that.  



If you’re interested in a resume critique, visit and go to our Order page to let us give you resume the professional once-over that might just be the boost you need.  


Jason Mutzfeld is a Coach, Partner, and Straight-shooter at Merrfeld Career Management 

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