Refresh and Relaunch: Take Time to Make a Change

April 3rd 2018 in Uncategorized

You’ll often find that people aren’t fans of change and prefer that things remain predictable. It’s also commonly understood that if you do that same thing over and over, you get the same result. So it follows that if you make changes, your outcomes will be altered. Doing things in new ways makes innovation and progress possible. It’s courageous and inspires us to do things differently, outweighing our desire for the certainty of status quo.

In the spirit of doing things differently we decided to re-design our website. We didn’t have to, we were getting enough attention with the old site and people seemed perfectly happy with it. It was easy enough to find your way around and it was a great site in every measure. The results were great.

So why the re-design? To go from great results to greater-than-great results. We want to keep our digital front door a place that is both fresh and vibrant. To get there we had to have the courage to change things, so we did. We listened to experts in the field and trusted our gut to do things a new way.

It’s our job a Merrfeld, to help people breathe life into their careers by re-launching their resumes and career goals through our writing and coaching. We feel it’s best to lead by example.

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