Here I Am! 6 Ways To Get Noticed on LinkedIn

November 4th 2016 in Networking, Resumes, Uncategorized

We’ve talked about how to be a good member of the LinkedIn community and how to get the most out of this powerful networking resource. Now we’d like to share our top tips for getting your profile noticed.

If you are in job-hunting mode — or just want to be open to new opportunities, new clients, or new people to add to your network — it’s crucial to have a LinkedIn profile that will attract attention. Here’s how:

1. Complementary Profile to Resume

Complete your profile to match your resume. There should be no discrepancies between the two. Write concisely and clearly and proofread repeatedly. To really put a polish on it, Merrfeld Resumes and Coaching offers a very reasonably-priced resume and LinkedIn profile review service.

2. Well-Written Tag-Lines (aka Headlines)

Your headline should be professional, without being boring — something that encourages people to want to know more. Be concise, using key words that are specific to your skill set and industry. Add value with words that broaden the picture and show your added value (e.g., “certified”, “manager”, “expert”, “strategist”, etc.)

3. Location Information

Your location should be up to date to guarantee your profile appears accurately in geographically-specific searches. Update your location if you are going to be relocating.

4. Interact with Others

Interaction draws more people to your profile. Comment on posts that you found informative. Join groups that have a lot of activity and participate in the discussions. Both of these actions can drive other LinkedIn members to your profile to learn more about you. Also monitor your incoming messages regularly for worthwhile communications or new connections.

5. Post Professional Content

Publishing on LinkedIn is a great way to help others learn more about you, broaden your network, and be viewed as an authority on a topic. Potential clients feel a stronger connection with profiles that include content. And every time you publish, your network is notified — reminding them of who you are and what you do, and broadening your network (when your connections interact with your posts, that information is shared with all of their first degree connections).

6. A Professional Photo

Research shows that LinkedIn profiles with photos get significantly more views than those without. A photo helps others feel familiar and better connected with you, and helps them recognize or remember you. No selfies or inappropriate clothing, please!

Your skills and accomplishments are impressive. Follow these suggestions to draw more people to your profile and get the attention you deserve for your hard work. Contact Merrfeld Resumes and Coaching  for more advice on how to get your profile noticed and on the fast track to the career of your dreams!

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