Why you should keep looking even when you’re interviewing for the job of your dreams

May 5th 2016 in Searching

Keep looking

We see it all the time: Candidates get excited about a specific company or position and don’t want to look at anything else. They think if they just focus really, really hard on this, it will all work out. Or they start to lose interest in other positions without the luster of their dream job. But just as with dating, things can happen before you both commit. Here’s why you should keep looking even when you’re interviewing for the job of your dreams.

  • No matter how hard you focus on your dream job, much of the interview process is out of your control. Budgets change, companies’ priorities shift, a current employee suggests a friend who might be a better fit, hiring managers die. (This has actually happened.) You might be the perfect person for that perfect job, but in the meantime, the job might go away. Keep your options open by continuing to look.
  • Even if you’d made it to the final rounds of the interview process, there likely are one to three other candidates still in the mix. This means you only have a 25-50 percent chance of being hired. You wouldn’t bet the farm on those odds. Don’t assume the job is yours until you’ve accepted an offer.
  • You may just end up with an offer from another company if you keep looking even when you’re interviewing for the job of your dreams. This is great news! Having an offer in hand gives you some leverage in negotiations if your preferred company brings an offer to the table.
  • More interviews equals new contacts and broadens your network. Why wouldn’t you want to meet other professionals in your field? They might be people you can collaborate with even if you get your dream job, and they might be great resources if you need a new job one day.
  • If you halt your job search to focus on your dream job, you may miss out on a position that would have been an even better fit. Remain open to opportunities and pursue all avenues until, like dating, you know that the commitment is worth it.

It can be exhilarating to secure an interview at your dream company or, even better, a third interview. You might already be picturing your things on your new desk. But there’s always a chance that the company might move, another candidate might blow their socks off…or you find that the perfect job is another one entirely. Keep looking until you’ve secured a mutual marriage made in heaven.

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