Five Gifts for a Job Seeker

December 16th 2015 in Uncategorized

Give a gas gift card to a job seeker.

Be kind to the job seekers in your life. They may be feeling a bit discouraged. They may be leery of holiday gatherings where they’ll be asked 50 times whether they’ve found a job yet. And they may be somewhat broke. That’s why we’ve rounded up these five ideas for gifts for a job seeker. Show them some love with…

Personal-care services. Looking for a job can be stressful…and yet one still has to look good. Certificates for a massage, a manicure, a haircut, a facial or a few sessions with a personal trainer or yoga instructor are great ideas for gifts for a job seeker. He or she is not likely to splurge on these extras, but they can make a world of difference for body and spirit.

Interview accessories. A coordinated portfolio or planner, phone case and pen are instant confidence builders and make a much better impression than the notebook left over from the kids’ math class and a freebie pen from the carpet cleaners. An engraved Cross pen is classy and will last long after your favorite job seeker lands employment.

Clothes and dry cleaning. It costs a lot to look good—especially if one is interviewing frequently in a professional field. Well-kept shoes, dressy clothes and dry cleaning bills can overwhelm a person on a budget. A certificate to a clothing store or the dry cleaners is a good gift for a job seeker who’s sick of wearing the same two white shirts in heavy rotation.

Transportation. A friend shared a memory of the day when she drove to a nearby city for a job interview. She was low on gas when she arrived but didn’t want to risk being late or smelling like gas, so she put off filling up until afterward. When she emerged from the interview, she was devastated to find that gas had gone up 10 cents a gallon in those two hours. It made a difference in her meager budget! Most job seekers will appreciate gas cards or passes for public transportation.

Resume and interview help. If your favorite job seeker has run into roadblocks for a while, he or she may need some professional advice. One sound gift for a job seeker who’s feeling stuck is a session or three with a resume writer or career coach. At Merrfeld, we can help spot stumbling blocks that will continue to hold back job seekers until they’re addressed. A fresh perspective is a wonderful Christmas surprise!

Lavish some love and practical help on the job seekers you know this Christmas. Gifts that support their search and boost their budget might be gifts that give twice: now and then again when they land a job!

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