Reasons to Keep Up Your Job Search During the Holidays

November 2nd 2015 in Searching

reasons to keep up your job search during the holidays

Right about now, our culture becomes a bit obsessed with Christmas. Sure, department stores have been sporting tinsel for weeks, but after Halloween, everybody else seems to succumb as well to the idea that the final two months of the year should be consumed with all things holiday.

But two months is a little more than 15 percent of the entire year. That’s a lot of time! It’s certainly plenty of time to conduct an effective search for a job, and odds are good that you’ll land one. So don’t let up just because you see Santa on store shelves—there are good reasons to keep up your job search during the holidays.

Fewer people are looking. Not many people willingly leave a job right before the biggest spending season of the year, so you’ll face less competition out there as you pound the pavement.

Companies are still hiring. If a position was open before Halloween, it’s likely still a need for the company after Halloween. In fact, some companies will want to get the pieces in place now for next year’s expansion, so they can hit the ground running after January 1. Keep up your job search during the holidays, and you may stumble upon businesses eager to get you trained and ready for a busy new year.

It may the best time. In fact, depending on your industry, now may be the very best time to look for a job. Certain fields pay out bonuses right after the end of the year; shortly thereafter, many employees assess whether they should stay or they should go after something better. Get your resume out there now, so that when managers have to fill empty chairs in January, you’re at the top of the list.

Empty offices can be productive. I know many people who actually relish working the week between Christmas and New Year because the office is empty, the in-box is light and the phone doesn’t ring much. It’s a great time to get things done…things like reviewing applications and resumes to finally fill that opening.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. It may seem like the whole world is strung with twinkle lights, but there are other faiths that don’t celebrate Christmas. For some, the month of December may be business as usual.

You still need a job. While it’s fun to get caught up in the holiday spirit, spending time with family and friends and engaging in parties and traditions, the consumer culture of Christmas also can be a painful reminder of your economic situation. Turn on some happy Christmas carols as you sit at the computer, light a pine-scented candle, and keep up your job search during the holidays. If you put in consistent effort, you’re far more likely to receive the best gift of all: a wonderful new position.


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