Why Coaching for the C-Suite Is a Must

August 11th 2015 in Interviewing

Coaching for the C-suite candidate with Merrfeld.com can mean a move to the corner office.


Most people assume that top executives—CEOs, COOs, CFOs—know it all. Not in a pompous, self-important kind of way; but rather, they didn’t get to the corner office without a good dose of smarts.

Being a brilliant strategist or a genius leader or a whiz with assets, however, does not automatically mean that one is a concert pianist, right? So why would we assume that C-level execs are expert copywriters or gifted at drafting a summary of their skills and experience?

That’s why coaching for the C-suite is a must. Resume writing and interview consulting can break down the barriers that talented executives might face in the hiring process and allow them to get on with what they truly do best.

Often the process of filling one of these highly vaunted positions involves a series of writing assignments, interviews with the board, assessments and more. It’s fair to say that the task would be daunting for anyone outside of a professional writer. If an executive is undergoing the gauntlet while still in charge of running another corporation, the challenge can be so great as to obscure the value that the exec could bring to the work at hand.

And it would be a shame to let a chief operations officer who could transform the company’s systems and preserve physical and human resources slip away because she didn’t know how to tell the story of her experience in the most compelling way.

Coaching for the C-suite can be a game changer. We received an email recently from a client who had written his first interview packet but turned to us for the second:

“I just met with the search firm again, and here was the comment I received: ‘I was prepared to suggest we don’t send you on to the board for consideration after reviewing your first candidate presentation packet; however, after seeing the second packet, I am very impressed and moving you on to meet the board.’ Thank you very much.”

There’s no shame in asking for help. In fact, the best leaders know their weaknesses and seek professionals to fill in the gaps, rather than trying to do it themselves. Hiring out coaching for the C-suite is like hiring out a computer programmer to set up your equipment—a no-brainer. Top executives do know that!


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