Why Entrepreneurs Need Resumes

July 28th 2015 in Resumes

You may be top dog at your own company, but entrepreneurs still need resumes. Learn why at Merrfeld.com.

You own your own business. And you’re not searching for a job. So you don’t need a resume. Right?


It may be the last thing that you’re thinking about when you’re busy running your own business…until someone asks for it. But entrepreneurs need resumes for several audiences:

The media: You’re gonna be big, right? The darling of the media? At the very least, your alumni magazine or hometown newspaper likely will want to do a feature on you and your business. It’s incredibly helpful to journalists and saves you a lot of time if you can send a well-drafted resume ahead of your interview.

Potential business partners: Are you trying to woo an executive to help run your business? You’ll need to send a resume along with the profile of your company. This also allows your potential partner to see your strengths as well as where she might fill in the gaps and bring something to the table.

Community boards: Boards are selective about whom they add to the precious few seats around their tables. They’re looking for individuals who can demonstrate efficacy and offer a particular skill set. Entrepreneurs need resumes if they wish to apply to serve on a board, which is a great way to network while getting involved in your community.

Potential clients: Rising to the level of running your own business generally involves a significant breadth and depth of work experience in your field before you make the leap. Entrepreneurs need resumes that clearly demonstrate how that broad expertise culminates in the delivery of a product or service that a potential client can trust. A resume is particularly imperative if you work in a field that requires continuing education.

We totally understand how busy you might be—we’re entrepreneurs ourselves! That’s why we hire out certain services, and why you should hire help to develop your resume. We can make it sing for any potential audience without too much effort from you.

Good fortune and your lifestyle may never require you to look for a job again. But even if you’re top dog at your own company, you still need a resume. There are plenty of people who will want to know just how fabulously talented you are!

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