Why 2015 is Your Year to Find a New Job

January 7th 2015 in Uncategorized

For years now we’ve been waiting and wondering when the right time would be to change jobs.  Many who were lucky enough to keep their jobs post 2008 have been afraid to even consider a move in the last 6 years while others have just been trying to get back some semblance of normalcy in what seemed like an easier time in the work place.  Those who entered the work force in the recession are just trying to find the jobs they heard about when they entered college…the jobs that careers are built on rather than just the J.O.Biscuit that helps them pay off the mountain of debt they accumulated to get a degree in the first place.  Many analysts are suggesting the wait if finally over.  2015 may be the best time to find a new job.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to report job growth in the end of 2014, Money Magazine is laying out it’s top cities for job growth in 2015.  Bottom line, if you live in the sunbelt you can expect to see lots of opportunities while the Northern & Midwestern areas of the country may not see as much growth but will continue to see growth.  Money Magazine noted non of the top metro areas are expecting negative job growth in 2015.  That’s great news!  So good in fact that many media outlets are reporting the strongest job growth expected since the 90’s.  For some of our readers, that means the strongest growth in your lifetime!

This all boils down to one thing: YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED!  Whether you’re trying to get a promotion or find an new position all together, companies across the country are expected to grow but you wont grow with them if you’re not prepared.  Dust off that resume and polish up those interview skills.  In 2015 you might just need them!

Reach out to us today to polish up your resume & job search skills!

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