You are Not Alone, New Website for Rape Survivors

May 1st 2014 in Uncategorized

“Perhaps most important, we need to keep saying to anyone out there who has ever been assaulted: you are not alone. 
We have your back. I’ve got your back.”President Barack Obama, January 22, 2014

23 years ago when I was held down by the throat and assaulted by my high school boyfriend, there were few (if any) resources to turn to.  In 1991, “Date Rape” as we call it today wasn’t even illegal and we did not have a stalking law to protect me when he followed me day and night in the weeks before and after the assault.   This week, the Obama Administration and Vice President Joe Biden launched a site that will allow survivors to not feel alone.    I don’t know how to say thank you enough or to express how grateful I am that resources exist for survivors today.  Vice President Biden, you have reminded each of us that we matter and make me proud to be an American.





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