Interview 101: Answering “What Can You Offer That Someone Else Can’t?”

February 18th 2014 in Uncategorized
flickr image by Canon in 2D
flickr image by Canon in 2D

One of the lessons I’ve learned in yoga these past several months is something I also learned in kindergarten, “Mind your mat.” It’s a lesson I’ve applied to several areas of my life and one that seems especially applicable to the question, “What can you offer that someone else can’t?”

What the interviewer is really asking here is “What sets you apart?” or “What’s so special about you?” They’re not actually asking you to explain why you’re better than someone else.   Don’t get tripped up by this question and focus on what someone else may or may not do well especially because you likely don’t know the other candidates.  Instead, focus on what you do best (mind your own mat) and what you bring to the table.  This is your opportunity to brag about your accomplishments and showcase your strengths that are applicable to the position you’re interviewing for.  During your interview prep, you’ve made the list of why they should hire you and this is your chance to tell them why.  Don’t miss it by focusing on others when the real spotlight should be on you.

Happy interviewing!

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