Monday Motivation: Live Imperfectly With Great Delight

October 28th 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m a huge fan of Curly Girl Designs.  It’s more than a greeting card line.  It’s more like an inspiration line complete with cards, mugs, office supplies, etc.  My crazy hair days will explain why I love the name & Leigh’s ability to provide gentle reminders with designs that make me smile make me love the company all the more.

I love them so much that her designs make up the wall paper on my Mac.  This one is a favorite.

“The real secret to the fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight”

 We’re under so much pressure to have the perfect life and when we don’t get it we often think of the life we have as the conciliation prize.  Sort of the “I’m sorry your fairy tale didn’t come through…here’s the next best thing.” (Stereotypes are funny things aren’t they?).  The hard part is to not let that line of thinking (read total BS) creep into our own thoughts about our own lives.  Your life, personally or professionally, wherever it is today isn’t a conciliation prize.  It is the prize.  My perfectly imperfect life wasn’t meant to look like the Cleavers’ or Sheryl Sandberg’s, it was meant to look like mine.  When I realized that the best things are those that are often unexpected I began to see that perfection was mine for the making.

“The great thing is once we let go of being everything, we have the opportunity to be gloriously ourselves”

We become better people when we step away from the pursuit of perfection and begin to see ourselves for the glorious individuals we are.   We can’t be everything but we can be “gloriously ourselves”.  There’s simply no better gift to ourselves or to the world.



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