How to Build an Inspiration Wall & My Love of Post-Its

October 22nd 2013 in Uncategorized
My inspiration wall
My inspiration wall

Hi, I’m Michelle & I have a Post-it note addiction.  There I said it. I think Post-its are the one of the greatest invention of the 21st century.  They likely speak to my semi commitment issues since they stick but can be easily removed when I’m tired of them.  I have them in all sort of shapes, sizes, and colors.  I even have the Post-it folder tabs, envelopes, and pens.  Recently The Hubs bought me a pad of gold star post its as a congratulatory gift for meeting a goal I’d set.  It was the perfect gift.  He knows me well.

One of the best things I do with Post-its is my inspiration wall.  After meditating or yoga I write down whatever word(s) spoke to me.  They are then placed on the wall next to my desk where I can see them & be reminded of what I’m working on.  The meanings change with time but the words are there to remind me to “reconnect” or find “strength through vulnerability” or to set “guilt free boundaries”.  These meditations never just apply to my personal life because, like everyone else, the lines between personal and professional are always blurred.  My office is my space to create, to think, to conduct business, and so much more.  For me, this was the perfect place to make a Post-it wall of inspiration.

Building an inspiration wall is easy.  Simply grab some Post-its (Office Depot has an entire section of their store devoted to the Post-it.  It’s nirvana I swear!) & write down what inspires you then post it in a place you see often.  Want to take it further?  Check out sites like Oprah’s website for some great online resources to making online vision boards complete with pictures.  While I love this idea, I needed something I could reach out and touch.  You can always add pics, magazine cutouts, etc to your Post-it wall.  After all, it’s your vision and inspiration so do what inspires you.


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