When Your Dreams Are Big the Facts Don’t Matter

October 18th 2013 in Uncategorized


This is my current meditation given to me by a friend who’s encouragement and honesty I sincerely appreciate. We have big dreams we’re working to achieve. To many the path to them would seem impossible or at the least unlikely. It can be hard to stay encouraged when you’re dreams seem bigger than yourself so this meditation is especially important to me.

Why don’t the facts matter when you dream big?  Because when you set your mind to achieve something the facts that can prevent it become irrelevant. Amelia Earhart was often told people couldn’t fly and certainly women couldn’t fly, especially not alone.  Her dream was big enough that the facts didn’t matter. When Oprah decided to leave the south and pursue her dreams as a journalist and as a teacher, the facts of “being a little colored girl from the south” didn’t matter.  She set her course and allowed herself to be open to the possibilities that await her. When President Obama dreamed of being the first black president, the facts of this country’s bias against black men in politics didn’t matter.

So we too are setting our sites on the big dreams that lie ahead and we’re letting the facts fall away. We know with clear hearts, minds, and our love for one another nothing can stop us.

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