How Being Open To Change Can Improve Your Career.

October 10th 2013 in Searching
flickr image by monica's dad
flickr image by monica’s dad

During last night’s yoga class I set my intention on being open, not only physically but mentally & emotionally too.  As I moved through the class, I began to realize the large number of areas this applies to.  It’s about more than learning to be open enough to accomplish a flying eagle ( a personal yoga goal of mine), it’s about being open to all life has to offer.  That can be very hard to remember when focusing on career growth or change.

Often when we decide to make changes in our careers or focus on building our careers we decide on a path and set a plan for growth.  That’s fantastic! But what about the bends in the road to success? What if the bridge is out? What if a parallel road has better scenery? What if the road simply no longer exists? This is where being open to all life has to offer is so important.

Allow me to use myself as an example.  People often ask about my varied career path and my answer is always the same, “I walked through every door that opened for me & kicked a couple open that didn’t” My success hasn’t come from a lazer focus but rather a desire to evaluate each opportunity as it came and determine if it was a good idea.  I wanted to be an interior designer but didn’t have the funds to finish college so I pursued a career in a lighting store that allowed me the opportunity to do lighting design and layouts. After relocating for the same career, only to find out the company I relocated for was on the verge of bankruptcy, I accepted a position as an executive recruiter to the homebuilding industry.  It was a fantastic career until 2008 when it my road simply didn’t exist anymore. My connections took me to a public relations and corporate culture gig with a large credit union in a small town and that opened opportunities to become the VP of the Chamber of Commerce. After a serious ethical disagreement, it was time to go out on my own and here I am today. Being a resume writer and career coach is a far cry from interior designer but because I was open to the possibilities and evaluating each of them as they came I have built a strong, successful career.

You just never know when an interviewer will suggest a different position you didn’t know was open in the company you’re interviewing for or when someone from your network will suggest a position you never dreamed you were qualified for.  By being open to possibilities you’ll build a career that provides interest, enjoyment, and success.

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