Weekend Recharge: The Art of Making Coffee

September 21st 2013 in Uncategorized
One of my favorite mugs w/ one of my favorite quotes
One of my favorite mugs w/ one of my favorite quotes


USA Today recently reported that 83 percent of Americans drink coffee.  Whether it’s coffee, tea, or even a Diet Coke many of us manage to pour a cup before we’re even awake enough to realize what we’re doing.  Thanks to modern technology and timers on our coffee makers some of us even wakeup to a fresh pot of java.  While grabbing a cup on the run to fuel our day is fine during the week, why not take time to enjoy the art of a cup of coffee or tea this weekend?

You could loose your entire weekend (and most of your paycheck) in one of those fancy tea or coffee stores in a high-end mall.  I’m not suggesting that at all. I’m talking about enjoying that cup in a way that we don’t take the time to during the week.  Start with your favorite mug or perhaps that nice china mug your grandmother passed down to you that you never use.  Take time to enjoy the aroma of the coffee or tea before you begin.  Take a few minutes to heat the water on the stove instead of in the microwave.  Pour it over the coffee and let it brew.   Once its brewed, pour it in to your favorite cup and take a few minutes to really enjoy it.  Whether you’re standing in the kitchen listening to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on NPR or curled up in your favorite chair with the morning paper, stop long enough to take in the moment and appreciate the flavor.

Let’s be honest, the art of making coffee or tea has nothing to do with the beverage. It’s all about stopping and enjoying what we have for even a few minutes.  Take the time to find gratitude for this small moment in your weekend and carry that through the rest of your day.

If you want to learn more about how to brew a great cup of tea or coffee, here are a few tips:


Enjoy your weekend!

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