Weekend Recharge: Yoga

September 14th 2013 in Uncategorized

Maybe it’s because the focus of my morning yoga class was “balance” but I’m reminded of how important it is to find balance when making changes in our careers.  For that matter, it’s important in all areas of our lives but for this blog I’m applying it to making professional changes.  This is why we’ll be sharing a weekend recharge post every weekend with helpful ways to recharge and find balance in during this time of change.

How do I recharge?  Most recently it’s been with yoga & meditation.  I began my yoga practice just over a month ago and have been shocked at the impact its had on my professional life.  I’m finding focus and energy that I didn’t know I had. Yoga is helping me to relax and not overreact personally or professionally.  It gives me time to let go of the outside world and all of the challenges/responsibilities that come with.

Let’s get something out of the way right from the beginning, I don’t look like your typical yoga student. I’m not in the best shape of my life, I’m capable of tripping over my own feet, I work way too many hours, I tend to talk really fast and I’m certainly a plus size woman.  My point is, everyone can try yoga and everyone can take time to meditate.

Why is it so important?  Yoga forces us to focus on what’s happening in that moment.  By paying attention to how we breathe, move, and focus we find balance from the crazy professional lives we lead each day.  Making a career change is practically a full time job in itself and if you’re already working while changing jobs it can wreak havoc on your schedule.  Making time to center and reconnect will make you more productive during this time.  It will also provide you clearer focus, a better understanding of why you want to make changes, how to manage the challenges that are making you change jobs, and help love yourself where you are today.

You don’t have to find a class or a group of people to do yoga.  It can be done in your own home with just enough room for a yoga mat (don’t have a mat? Fold a blanket on the floor).  One of my favorite yoga practices is restorative yoga. Restorative Yoga is simply about restoring the body and the mind bringing you back to balance.  If you happen to live in Northeast Indiana, I highly recommend the Friday evening restorative class at Lotus Yoga & Wellness in Fort Wayne.  Don’t live nearby? Youtube is full of great videos.  Here’s one of my favorites:

You can actually incorporate yoga at work too.  You don’t need a mat, sandalwood oil, and candles to practice yoga.  Just take a couple of minutes to breathe, stretch, and reconnect. It will help you get through even the most challenging of days.  Give a few of these poses a try as seen in LHJ magazine.

Whether you’re at home or in the office, give yourself a few minutes to recharge and refocus through yoga and meditation.

Enjoy your weekend!

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