Michelle Merritt, Merrfeld Resumes


As a passionate person Michelle believes in trying to make the world a better place.  She works with a variety of organizations that better the lives of women (and the men who love them), utilizing her story to help others and show that anyone can choose to be a survivor.

Michelle is often called upon to speak about being a survivor.  She doesn’t use the V-word (that word would be victim). Having survived sexual assault, parents with multiple divorces, the death of an alcoholic stepfather, near bankruptcy, two failed marriages, teachers who told her she’d never amount to more than being a cute cheerleader, job losses, and the inability to have biological children she’s learned that being a survivor is a choice. As she speaks to groups around the country, she is frequently reminded that we’re all survivors of something. Surviving’s not only a matter of choice but it’s a matter of being so stubborn that no one will stop you.  That pretty well describes Michelle…stubborn as hell and never apologetic about it.

Not all of her public speaking is about topics as personal as being a survivor.  In fact, many of her presentations are focused on the power of building your professional network and the power of professional persistence.  Once called “a pleasant pest” by her best client, Michelle channels that reputation into presentations on the persistence and the network necessary to be successful. By working with organizations, both for profit and not for profit, in the areas of leadership and corporate culture she will inspire your team to greatness.

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