Welcome to the Next Normal

Prior to 2020, we knew that technological change in the world of business and work (Digital Transformation or DX) was happening but figured it would be a slow process to transform daily life as we knew it. Unemployment was at record lows and the business world hummed along.

Everything was ‘normal’.

Until it wasn’t.

Now, DX is reshaping the landscape of every aspect of commerce and the job search. Being online and digital is not an option, it’s a fundamental requirement.

If you’re displaced by the upheaval and don’t know how to look for a job, this class is for you.

If you’re looking to move on or up from your present position, this class is for you.

If you want to reinvent your career and do something else, this class it for you.

Welcome to the Next Normal.

Let’s get to work finding the work worth doing.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why you need to formulate a strategy to manage your job change
  • How to create a search plan
  • How social media factors into your job search
  • How to improve your ability to be found by relevant candidate searches
  • How to uncover ‘hidden’ (unposted) jobs
  • How to build a career strategy plan you can implement


While you don’t need anything for this course beyond internet access, there are a few items you’ll want to have settled before you start so you can hit the ground running:

  • A well-written accomplishment focused resume. If you need help writing one check out our course or contact us about helping you write one.
  • A LinkedIn profile. You can find a quick overview of how to get one set up here
  • A desire to grow and learn! Not just for this course, but to sustain you along the way to your next job destination.


Before we go ahead and dive in, let’s clear up some myths that just won’t seem to go away when it comes to finding a job:


  1. Your resume will get you a job

We hear this a lot. In reality, what gets the job is YOU. Your resume is only part of the job seeker’s toolkit and while it plays a vital role, it’s not the golden ticket it seems to be. We’ve written an in-depth class on how to write a modern resume (check it out here) but for this class, we’re going to focus on how to go beyond using only one tool.

  1. Job Descriptions describe the actual job

Sometimes this is true but more often than not a job description posted for an open position describes the ideal candidate. Many fail to apply for jobs they’re qualified for because they don’t meet every qualification listed. We’ll learn

  1. It’s all about them interviewing you

It’s not unusual for career management professionals to make the analogy that job seeking is a lot like dating. You don’t want to meet just anyone; you want to meet the right one! Remember, you’re interviewing your potential employer as much as they are interviewing you because to truly create value BOTH parties have to be happy.

  1. Skills rule out everything else.

While this may have been true once, it’s far less true now. Of course, for certain technical positions skills are important but by far the most important attribute of a successful candidate is one who can communicate their accomplishments. This reveals much about the candidate’s character, style, and professionalism.

Meet Your Trainers

Jason Mutzfeld

Jason is a learning designer, career coach, and technologist. Building on his experience designing and creating systems that get work done, he pivoted to solving the biggest problem that people face- finding work that matters. He fixes what’s right with people so they can tackle the challenge of reinventing themselves to stay relevant in the modern workplace.

Michelle Merritt

Michelle is an executive strengths coach and entrepreneur who leverages 20+ years of experience in corporate recruiting, human resources, and performance management to assist professionals and job seekers in crafting strategic career branding strategies.

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